Who are the 10 Best Magicians that Ever Live?

Ever since our childhood, every one of us is attracted to the phrase magic. We feel so excited when it is going to be completed. But lots of us get attached to magic in profound sense, and the one who gets profound to obtain the facts of it. These persons are the most successful and admired magicians in the world. Here they are:

pendragonsJonathan & Charlotte Pendragon

The couple assembled in California University where Charlotte was following lessons as a dancer and a gymnast while Jonathan was discovering theatre and then soon they tie the knot. The union of two personalities’ abilities aid them to make delusions, and then they begin presenting magic. Their popular act’s contains “The Interlude” where a lady will crawl through a man’s torso, they were the initial ones to present it and here is where they won a place in “Guinness Book of world records” because of this illusion.

danteDante (1883- 1995)

He was the primitive magician that upon the being aware of talents, other magicians took him in their employment. After his bereavement, it was thought that, there was already an end for the golden era of magic, and he had that much manipulation of his magic skills to individuals. He died from a strange death in North ridge California, USA, on June 15, 1995. He always used the phrases, “sim sala bim” every time he did presentation of magic to enhance fantasy to the presentations, and then later this proverb was faked by so many magicians and illusionists. He was well identified as “Dante the magician” and was the best of all magicians during his time.

harryHarry Blackstone Sr. (1885- 1965)

Mr. Harry Blackstone was the one to style the top popular and world famous designs and techniques of magic like that “sawing any individual in half” and “making cage vanished”. Some of his popular magic during that time was the “garden of flowers”, were he will overflow the stage with numerous bunches of flowers coming out from nowhere, and “the floating bulb”, wherein the bulb has been lighted and it roamed around the entire theatre on top of the audience head and he was also identified being the “The Great Blackstone”.

cyril-takayamaCyril Takayama (1973 to present)

He was born California but became popular in Japan for his magical presentations, though he has obtained a huge fame through websites, YouTube and video, he is the magician to obtain too many cyber publicity. Most of his magical tricks contain, making his head drop off his shoulders, Hamburger in the menu, Card through window, and all of these he invented himself and he was only 12 when begins his magic career.

penn and teeletPenn and Teller (Teller from 1948 and Penn from 1955)

Raymond Joseph Teller and Penn Fraser Jillette were popular as a pair in the magic world. They are very unbelievable pair, who has accurately fed the person with fragility of comic plus magic. Teller and Penn have both presented some hazardous magic tricks like sinking in a massive container and hanging over pillows of spikes having straitjacket. Both are famous with their comic careers.

david blaineDavid Blaine (1973 till present)

David Blain was the world famous and entertaining magician. He was raised by his single mom and had been motivated by a street performer, and from then on, he begins taking a lot of efforts in his magical career. He sent a tape of his presentation to ABC show and there he got famous and had a show the “David Blaine: street magic”, while the other show “David Blaine: magic man” received a massive response from the viewers.

Magic_Babe_Ning_fullshot‘Magic Babe’ Ning (1982 till present)

She take a rewarded being the South East Asia’s initial Certified Female Magician” in all major magazines and newspapers. She is been motivated when she was 5 years old by “David Copperfield” when she watched his shows. Ning doesn’t adore it when the females are use to present in magic acts by the male’s making the magic acts, which created her passion with regards to her work and now she is performing with J C Sum in their delusion shows from the corners of Asia. Her most popular trick containing the “The Impossible record” wherein Ning & J C breaks a novel world record with their presentation of 15 grand illusions presented in just 5 minutes.

chris angelCriss Angel (1967- present)

Everybody can tell that he is the most famous and top admired magician on the 21st century. His TV show, Mind freak of Criss Angel has received so much popularity in youths of today’s generation. He was definite to turn magic as his vocation after going into university. Some of his fabulous magic’s contains be afloat in between 2 structures, making a Lamborghini to vanish, to endure in a blasting C4 Crate, cutting himself half with a full view from the audience and being able to run over by a steamroller while still lying on a broken glass bed.

davidDavid Copperfield (1956- present)

“David Seth Kotkin” popularly known as “David Copperfield”, was a wealthy personality and a very famous magician, T illusionist, and a TV personality too. He begins his career in magic at age 12 when admitted in Society of American magicians and by age of 16 he was educating at the New York University some magical course. He has been named as the magician of millennium and the magician of century and has been rewarded with 21 Emmy Awards. Some of his unbelievable magic’s were taking a walk through the Great Wall of China, let the statue of liberty vanished, and a lot more. He personally own in LA, Nevada, the “International Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts, which is particularly constructed to preserve diverse magic works and arts for him.

harry_houdiniHarry Houdini (1874 – 1926)

Harry Houdini, is a magician also called as the escape artist, who had been popular and the current magicians are all known also after his name such as “modern day Houdini” while Erich Weiss is his actual name. His famous magic’s includes escaped from lockup. He usually challenges the cop’s to place him in lockup jails with local police and he would then escape through his magic. These techniques of became a massive sensation and he turn out to be the highest paid in magician in America.